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4 Januari 2018

Why #99letterofjakarta

I believe that everything that I get through is all the achievement in my life, and I think my biggest achievement (till now) is about getting here in big city of Jakarta that I believe all of people in small country assume that this capital city of Indonesia is a mean thing. Firstly I thank to God to give me such wonderful chance to make me go to college on Bogor so that's why making a life in Jakarta was easier. I mean like come and go from Bogor to every interview for office in Jakarta is not too tiring than the people who lives in East Java for example. And I'm proud of myself for this thing.
But I know, now thanks to all the facility and the easier transportation plus its booking, all people can go to everywhere like- let's just go. Well as long my memories is remembered that it is not same when I'm in high school, just graduated and I must go on to this the most west area of Java. Can we call it I'm so innocence.. or lack of knowledge? /smile/ So congratulation for this era of globalization.

And how it shapes me, with a full of up down things. I realize how fast social mobility, and make me feel to keep run at least to keep walk. My independence is growing higher, to keep me have a feeling okay in a busy time and busy life of this city. More grateful feeling for everything that I can get while looking the other who work heavier but the result maybe isn't better. Keeping the willing to improve and improve while the other are so damn cool and successful.
And the last but not the least, how precious time is. Time to healing, time to beloved family at home, time spending with good friends and coworker,, and time to life itself.
Nothing more that I want than living this life fully and try to make decision that I won't regret later.

15 Desember 2017

No Pain No Gain

Time move so fast,
but it could be too slow.
It was.

My dream,
Become and to be here.

I failed,
for over again.
But strange,
it was when the time I've burn with all the flames.
I refuse,
to go to shelter.

People said,
it is maturity to laugh at your own silliness.
And I just, laugh out lot,
right now.

I never know, that I'll hurt
by the thing that I thought to be beautiful thing.
But someone ever said to me,
no pain no gain..
And I answered,
well if so, I won't gain then.

This city hurts me
but still,
this undefinable feeling and its thought
can't find the answer.
My eyes just want to see what they want to see.
I'm going through it.

8 Oktober 2017

Those Sprinkle.. Beautiful..

In a world full of change, how could we imagine that everything is last forever? Even I do always won't know, when the eyes filled with a sparkling sprinkle.
That when, there's nothing I could do except take yours.

"Baby, I'm here~ your singing."

The movie plays as always on my room, that night too. And so does the dream of new world full of magic, maybe? I thought..
My mamma called too that day too. And once again, she's the one so does my everything.
This a short memory that I had, I just remembered about how I can't wait to go home and eat your delicious warm meal.

One time, uh oh.. What is this lonely feeling? But I go out to see the baby cats. How funny that's the first time I could babysitting them a week. And of course, like a dizzy train goin' to water labyrinth.
Oh, my mind's going back to that time.

Once again as yesterday, longed for you again. For tomorrow when it comes, I'll take you into life.
Dried flower
a bucket of rose, those red ones
a pile of papers
an arranged yet untidy make-up, funny
Once again, I see you when night falls.

"May the sun shine a little brighter, and the flowers bloom a little sooner."

I forever learn,
happiness isn't about having everything,
more than that darling..
It's to be grateful for everything that we have.

I'll see it someday, for all the sprinkle and those sparkling light.
As I start.. this for memory.. #99lettersofjakarta

17 Juni 2017

I, love so much when the story is happy ending.. "Aku, sangat suka cerita yang berakhir bahagia.."

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